Peter Sagal


Peter Sagal is an American playwright, screenwriter, actor, and hosPeter Sagalt of the National Public Radio game show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!. He is originally from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, although he currently resides in Oak Park, Illinois. Sagal is a regular contributor to The New York Times Magazine’s “True-Life Tales” column, beginning with a column entitled “He Goes Down Looking,” which appeared in the August 6, 2006 issue. He was also a guest movie critic on the television show Ebert & Roeper in the December 2, 2006, episode. He has a column about running equipment in Runner’s World and has also written for the Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, and other publications. His book, The Book of Vice: Very Naughty Things (and How to Do Them), was published in October 2007 by HarperCollins. In April 2007, his play Denial received its New York premiere at the Metropolitan Playhouse on the Lower East Side. The play, which portrays a Jewish lawyer who represents a Holocaust denier, has also been recorded by the L.A. Theatre Works company. Sagal is also credited as co-writer of the movie Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Sagal is a marathon runner who completed the 2007 Boston Marathon. He ran a portion of the Chicago Marathon in 2011 without paying the registration fee. Sagal is married to Beth Albrecht Sagal; they have three daughters.

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